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The Best Work at Home Tips for Mums

Best Tips to Work at Home as a Mum

We live in such an incredible time where we can build a business from home and make money with our slippers on! As long as you have a laptop then you are set to go to work at home. Here are my best work at home tips to get started!

If you desire to work at home whilst being a mummy then there are multiple ways you can make money, be sure to follow the beginner’s guide to making money at home here.

Below I share the best tips to work at home as a mum. I’ll keep updating this list and sharing the best tips that I, and other mums, use to work at home around motherhood. Enjoy!

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How to Work at Home as a Mum

There are many tips to help you work at home whilst being mum. Before you scroll through this whole post, read the high-level post below that covers the basics to get started. This is a great place to start if you are a complete beginner or need further direction.

Overview of How to Work at Home

Examples of How Mums Work at Home

Have you ever wondered how other mums manage to work at home? Below are examples from mums that work at home, make money and manage it all with the balance of motherhood.

best work at home tips

Best Tips to Make it Easy Working at Home as a Mum

Create a Flexible Schedule

  • Focus on the essentials:
    • Exercise
    • Family Time
    • Me-time (even if it’s 5 minutes mums!)
  • Let Go of a Set Time
    • Let go of tasks having to be done at a certain time of the day
    • Prioritise the essentials and get them done in an order that fits your mum pace of life
  • Let Go of Mum Guilt
    • Have a schedule, get the work done, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get everything ticked off the list

Smart Planner

I love this smart planner! It’s simple, no-fuss, pretty and filled with motivating quotes. This is a fantastic planner to help you keep organised amongst the chaos of mum life and work life. Keep your thoughts in one place with this planner.

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  • Plan your day, week and year
  • Plan your budget
  • Master time management
  • Focus and achieve your goals
  • Notebook Organiser A5 with Quotes

Family Schedule

This mum finds creating a schedule for all the family helps her work from home.

Get a schedule for your work, you, family and your kids. Be sure to take time for you and your kids, each individually everyday. At least 10 minutes per day per person!!! Keep the schedule simple in order that everybody remembers. I also work with visual timers, so if you forget time, they have their own time set. Schedule chores time as well and use the weekends and your chore-times to do trainings to the chores. For smaller children this might simply be assisting you with the task, then they get more and more independant. Remember working at home doesn’t mean you do all the work in the house. Last but not least, everybody has a bad day, so don’t get upset if the schedule is having up and downs. Tomorrow is another day… stick to the schedule and believe in it…

– Natascha Wyss, mum of two

Here are a few tips on creating a schedule that works for you.

Daily Planner

If you’re looking for a simple daily planner to have at your office desk, then this daily planner is perfect!

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  • 50 Undated 8.5 x 11 Tear Off Sheets
  • Organise your day
  • Create a simple schedule
  • Simple design

Weekly Planner

If you need to plan the week ahead and want a large visual, then having a whiteboard is perfect! This magnetic weekly planner is perfect for attaching to the fridge and keeping a daily visual for your family and work life.

Buy it here on Amazon.

  • Magnetic weekly planner whiteboard
  • Reduce stress and create a simple schedule
  • Colour coded key to organise tasks
  • Weekly planner
  • Family organisation
  • Business/work at home management
  • Chores chart

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Tips from Mums to Work at Home

Building online businesses is a smart way to use your time, invest your money and fit around mum life. I absolutely love working online as it allows me to be at home, schedule it around being a mum and it cuts down time wasted on travel to work.

This mum loves to help empower women and has found a smart way to help them online.

Build an online programme that will bring you an income whether you are working or not.

– Claire Robinson, mum of one + NLP Practitioner

This mum works from home to look after her boys and has the best simple advice.

Plan & be consistent.

– Leighanne Quin, mum of two

This mum has a successful online business with two little ones by her side.

Make connections & sell through the DM’s! 90% of my sales have been made through direct messaging.

– Allison Henderson, mum of two + Life and Business Coach

Blog by Number

The signature course for starting and creating a profitable blog. This is the perfect course for mums who want to start a blog, find their perfect blog idea, get step by step help with the technical parts, learn how to get traffic and how to make money with their blog.

This is the best course to help you work at home with a business that allows you to be creative and make money!

Buy it here on Start a Mom Blog.

best work at home tips for mums

Network Marketing

Network marketing is a great way to work at home thanks to blogging, social media and networking groups. You can build a network marketing business in many ways, whether in-person or online, which is perfect for home life.

Like any other business, building any network marketing business takes time. It will require consistency over time, just like blogging.

mum work at home tips

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Working at Home

I’ve got your back mama! I know what it takes to build yourself up to working at home being a mummy. Whatever your reason for needing to work at home whilst looking after your little ones, you can do it! It’s going to take focus, determination, consistency and commitment to why you’re doing it.

One thing is for sure: let’s make it easy on ourselves! Raising a child, looking after ourselves and working is a lot to balance. You can do it when you keep things simple and remember to be easy on yourself.

Free Planner: Homeschool Weekly Schedule

Get the simple planner to be focused on the right things and accomplish your tasks easily as a busy homeschooling mum.

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