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10 Healthy Habits for Women in Your 30s

healthy habits for women in your 30s

As a woman in my 30s who loves to live a healthy lifestyle I thought I’d share some of my favourite health tips! I am sharing 10 healthy habits for women in the hope to inspire you to feel your best healthy self.

I am in my late thirties and I feel young, energised and healthy. When my dad was in his 70s he used to say he felt so young and that’s something that always stuck in my mind, it’s not about the number, it’s all about how you feel and look after yourself. There is so much to be said for a healthy mindset and feeling good from within.

Living a healthy life is ingrained in my heart. I grew up in a family that had a healthy mindset on food, hobbies, exercise and enjoying life. There were no extremes. We had hobbies – I did dancing, swimming and cheerleading, my brother did karate, rugby and cricket, my dad did squash and the gym, my step-sister did dancing. We had home-cooked food – my grandma made the most delicious traditional English homemade food and baked the best cakes, dad cooked for us, mum cooked for us, we had treats, we ate a very balanced approach to food. We had fun, we enjoyed what we did and ate. Growing up I saw the joys in doing activities you love and eating delicious homemade food.

When I went to University and left home I continued this way – I did dancing and cheerleading, I made my food, I surrounded myself with the things I love. During my mid-20s I had many trials and lessons in leading a healthy life. When I became a personal trainer it tested my natural ways of a healthy life. I tried things that DID NOT work for me. I ate food and did exercise that completely took me away from my natural intuition with a healthy mindset on food and moving my body for joy.

My late 20s were a bit chaotic and helped guide me back to my natural ways with food and movement. When I became a mummy it helped me to get back to my inner voice and eat the food I love and move my body with love. There is something incredibly beautiful about becoming a mum that helps navigate the mind and body back to intuition. So as I went through my early 30s I found my way back to my inner being and felt back at home in my body again.

Through my personal experience from childhood to now, and professional experience as a personal trainer, wellness coach and freelance writer for women’s health I feel I have a good understanding of what works for creating healthy habits as a woman.

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healthy habits for women

10 Healthy Habits for Women in Your 30s

1 – Eat a Healthy Breakfast

The best part about starting the day is breakfast! Literally, it’s my favourite part of the day and by far favourite meal of all meals. I love starting the day with delicious food that tastes good, gives me energy and satisfies my belly when it’s hungry after not eating since the evening before.

Look ladies, we need to eat, please ditch the diets. Our bodies need food to have energy for the day ahead of us. Whatever our life involves – parenting, working, building a business, housework, looking after animals, walking dogs, exercise, anything and everything in daily life. Food gives us energy, and healthy food makes our body thrive.

I am vegan and only promote plant-based foods. I started eating this way at the end of 2014 and haven’t looked back, I have a better relationship with food, I have lots of energy, I feel amazing, and I enjoy a huge variety of food. I start my day off with a huge, delicious, nutritious breakfast that satisfies my taste buds, belly and overall enjoyment in a meal.

For breakfast I have porridge made with oats, oat milk, mashed banana and water. Then I top it with ground flaxseed and a mix of fresh fruits. I love taking my time to make this breakfast and then snuggling in bed with the family to enjoy breakfast together.

2 – Move Your Body with Love

It is so important to actually enjoy what you do for exercise. I grew up with hobbies and playing outdoors with friends. I went dancing, did swimming, played out on my bike and rollerblades. I became a cheerleader and continued dancing as I got older. I have always loved an active life and never saw it as exercise or keeping fit and healthy, it was just a normal part of enjoying life.

When I became a personal trainer it actually ruined my relationship with moving my body for a few years. As I learned about exercise, training programmes and fitness workouts I started to implement this into my weekly schedule. I trained, went to the gym, did CrossFit, got into powerlifting, lifted lots of heavy weights, competed and did crazy muddy obstacle courses which killed me. This destroyed my intuition with my body and ultimately pure joy for moving with love for the body and life.

After a few years I had to change this as it was affecting my whole life, mentally and physically. I became detached from listening to my body and I knew this was not normal after growing up with an active lifestyle and a healthy mindset to that. It took time but it worked as I started to do what I wanted without doing what I thought I should as a personal trainer. I slowly felt better and started to gradually leave the fitness industry and focus on wellness coaching for my business and nourishing my soul personally.

I love to move my body in different ways. Different phases of my life desire different movements and sometimes I like to do a mix or just do one thing. These days I go walking with my pups out in the countryside and do yoga. I love so many ways of moving my body – walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, dancing, climbing, lifting weights, martial arts, the list goes on. It all depends on my energy, focus and how many things I have going on, but the thing that always stays the same no matter what is happening in life I move my body regularly, daily, consistently.

Mamas, move your body with love. Don’t be afraid to try something new, do something different everyday, do one thing one month and then change it the next, or do the same thing week after week. Just enjoy what you do and love your body doing it!!

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3 – Track Your Fertility and Cycle

This is so important no matter what age as a woman…or young girl. I started reading the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility in 2015 when I was planning to get pregnant. This was a game-changing book. I couldn’t believe the things I DID NOT know about my body, I was in disbelief that we are not taught this as young women at school in sex education, or at home. How did I not know the full ins and outs of cervical fluid?!?! Ladies, get this book! NOW!!! Whether you want to just understand your body, avoid pregnancy with natural birth control, get pregnant or figure out if you do actually have fertility problems, this book will help educate you in so much about your fertility, period, monthly cycles, pregnancy, cervical fluid, body temperature and so much more!

If you are in your 30s and you are looking to get pregnant or might be having fertility issues, or think you have issues, then this book can help add light to the situation. Some women who thought they had fertility issues and couldn’t get pregnant actually could get pregnant by learning the simple methods in this book to understand their fertility signs.

I will be giving this book to my daughter to empower her to understand her body so that she can understand her cycles, period, how to avoid pregnancy and get pregnant with a healthy conscious responsible mindset. This book helped me get pregnant first time with both my children and I am so blessed to have gained a better understanding of my beautiful body.

Get this book here – you won’t regret it!!!

4 – Do Something for You Everyday

This is so important, especially if you are a mummy. As mums we are always giving to our family – feeding, washing, cleaning, playing, putting to sleep the little ones, keeping the home clean – don’t forget to give to you too!!

Doing something for you everyday will fill your cup up and keep you sane amongst the chaos of family life. Nurturing and nourishing your needs will help you to be happy, joyful and at peace in your mind, trust me it will help you to feel that way. I do believe this is such an important healthy habit to adopt so that you can truly feel healthy from the inside out emotionally, spiritually and physically.

It can vary from day to day, week to week, as to what you need to feel loved up within yourself. Here are some ideas to do something for yourself everyday:

  • Read a book
  • Have a creative project (i.e. blogging, painting, photography, knitting, crafts, drawing)
  • Move your body (i.e. walking, running, yoga, dancing, workouts)
  • Listen to music
  • Take a hot bath
  • Massage your feet
  • Pamper your skin with good quality skincare
  • Make healthy, delicious, homemade plant-based food
  • Dance at home (kitchen parties are the best!!)
  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Go to bed early
  • Afternoon nap (with your little ones!!)
  • Watch a show or film
  • Journal

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5 – Simplify and Prioritise

Create a schedule that is simple. If you do any or all of these things: raising children, homeschool, work from home, work full time out of the house, housework, building a business, caring for animals, then create a schedule that keeps your daily activities simple to avoid overwhelm and frustration.

The first thing you want to do is list all your priorities, then review that list and circle the top three priorities. Get clear on what is most important to you and create a life around those top three priorities. If the others are still important then add them to your life every now and then. Look mamas, let’s be real for a moment, there is only so much we can do in a day, so let’s take that crazy long to-do list and put it in the bin. Have a schedule that truly matches your priorities and life as a family.

This simple life of the main priorities will free your mind to be happy and at peace, and that is certainly a top tip for healthy living!

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6 – Pamper in the Shower Weekly

I get it ladies, it sure can be difficult to have a quiet relaxing bath or shower when you are a mum. Ever since my first child was born I have bathed or showered with my children. As babies, they come in the bath with me and even both children join in the showers.

I wash my hair once a week so in this shower I enjoy a good cleanse and soak under the hot water. It is a simple thing that helps me to feel nourished.

You will feel healthier taking that time to pamper yourself, even if it’s just once a week. Using healthy vegan products will help your body to be healthy, and it will replenish your mind so much!

7 – Embrace Your Full Self

One of the best healthy habits as a woman is to embrace all of who you are. No matter what exercise you do or how many calories you eat, creating a healthy mindset to your whole body is the best approach to healthy living.

I always recommend eating healthy food and moving your body with love regularly, however, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to embrace and celebrate your full self. The way you laugh, dance, sing, talk, your wild moods, the funny side, the annoying side, every single aspect of who you are is amazing and don’t let anyone make you doubt that.

When you embrace who you are it will empower you immensely and create a more fulfilling, abundant and happy life.

8 – Ditch Tampons and Disposable Pads. Use a Menstrual Cup.

This is one of the best things I did many years ago to start using a menstrual cup for my periods. Growing up I used sanitary towels and tampons and hated them for the mess but also because I am health and environmentally conscious, something never sat right with me using them.

Along my health journey, I found cloth pads which I started using. This saved money by not having to buy pads or tampons regularly and nothing was being thrown down the toilets or bins adding to the landfills or blockages in pipes. Also, there are health problems that I have heard about from using tampons that I no longer wanted to use them.

After using cloth pads I found the menstrual cup and haven’t looked back. When my period is heavy I use the menstrual cup and a cloth pad, and I feel more empowered with my body using these products for my periods rather than buying and throwing away disposable pads and tampons every month.

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9 – Read a Book

Making time to sit down and read a book is such a blissful activity, and is more satisfying when becoming a mother, well that’s what I have found anyway. I have loved books for a very long time, ever since a child, and before having children I loved reading regularly. Now I am a mummy, I make a conscious effort to read every day, even if it’s only 20 minutes, I do so as it brings me great joy. I have used audible for audio books but it does not have the same impact, I love a real book in my hands whilst reading.

Whether it’s a fiction book, a good romance, the Bible, personal development, or learning a particular topic, I enjoy them all. You can check out some of my favourite books here.

10 – Laugh. Dance. Sing.

Most importantly ladies, make time to laugh, dance and sing!

Our hearts need joy and the simple act of letting go and enjoying our whole being with music, movement and something or somebody that is hilarious, then do it. Life is too short to be miserable, stressed, bored and frustrated. Make time to enjoy you!!

healthy habits for women

In Conclusion, Do You

At the end of the day to live a healthy life you need to do you, be you, enjoy you. Everything you do – parenting, relationships, business, work, chores, activities, hobbies, food, holidays, home – make it match your heart and soul.

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in seeing to others needs, children, partner or animals, that we forget our own needs. If you are in your 30s and you feel lost, depressed or frustrated with where your life is right now, then know that it’s ok to feel that way so I want you to rid the guilt or shame, but it is important to create ways to bring joy back into your life.

You deserve a healthy happy life!!

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  1. What a wonderful article! I feel under so much pressure to do more and be better in all aspects of my life. Self acceptance and dropping the idea of perfectionism is so important…what is perfect anyway?!
    Thank you for the reminder to keep it simple and the importance of loving what you do and who you are. This article is so full of useful suggestions it’s like one big pep talk! Thank you, and much love to you and your little ones x

    1. Hi Lucy,
      Thank you for your wonderful comment. Yes you’re right, dropping the idea of perfectionism is so so important for us mums! I’m so happy you enjoyed the pep talk 🙂 xx

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