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Time Management Tips – Work at Home Mum Schedule

Time Management Tips for Work at Home Mums

Creating a work at home mum schedule is possible and I want to show you how. You feed yourself, your child, keep the house in shape, you make meals, exercise, breastfeed, walk the dogs, food shop, and perhaps you also work from home or out of the house. Maybe you don’t even need the tips in this post, however, I will share top time management tips if you are a busy mum doing your best to make it all flow nicely together.

As a mum, I know the importance of making a schedule work around mum life. I am a homeschooling mum and have found a simple schedule that fits to suit our needs. Let me show you what works for us and it might work for you too!

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Time Management Schedule for Work at Home Mums

Having a flexible schedule as a work at home mum is essential. Creating a simple schedule is pure gold and something I highly recommend you do.

Here are a few tips for creating a simple work at home mum schedule:

  • Be realistic with your lifestyle
  • Do not try to copy another mum’s exact schedule as their family life is different from yours
  • Factor in family time during the day
  • Factor in work time during the day NOT at a silly early time in the morning (4am!!) or super later at night (11pm!!)
  • You need to feel happy and sane and you do NOT need to grind and hustle killing yourself alongside being a mum
  • Make your work life fit around mum life during normal day hours and give yourself time to rest and relax at night and get up in the morning when you’re ready
  • Minimise the to-do list
  • Let go of trying to be perfect
  • Focus on the essential work tasks that need to be done and if they don’t get done on that particular day do it another day
  • Most of all, be kind to yourself

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Simple Tasks for Work at Home Mums

Keep it simple. Always keep it simple. This is the best piece of advice I can give all of you work at home mums looking for a perfect schedule.

Even though I have a schedule for mum time and work time, I do not overcomplicate it by scheduling every single minute, hour and task. I have a loose idea of what I might do with my children in family time. I have a flexible approach to business and know that doing something regularly is better than nothing.

I used to schedule in mindset work, evening tasks and other to-do lists, but my word that was exhausting!! This actually made matters worse even though I thought it would help me grow and improve my life. It was actually getting in my way of creating the life I wanted for my family.

Allow yourself to go with the flow in your day. Have a flexible simple schedule for work, and let go of detailed tasks everywhere else.

This is a rough idea of what I do for family time and work time.

Family Time

Here are a few activities we do regularly:

  • Play
  • Crafts
  • Play-doh
  • Reading
  • Walking in nature with the dogs
  • Walking into our little town
  • Walk to the park
  • Gardening
  • Library
  • Cleaning the house
  • Homeschool meet up with other families

I do not schedule a lot of these tasks each day, I do one to two of those tasks each day. I give time to just be together rather than rushing from one thing to the next. Sometimes we just snuggle, have dance parties in the kitchen or play hide and seek.

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Work Time

I work a couple of days a week and that time is flexible. As a homeschooling mum with a child and baby, I like to keep my life simple and enjoyable without pressure. When it comes to business I focus on one task and if I have more time on that given day then I do more, if not then that is ok.

My priority is being a mum and raising my family at home. It is important for me to create a schedule that fits mum life and is on my terms working from home. This took time with trial and error. Creating a work at home mum schedule that fit my goal was tested at times, however, here I am sticking to my plan and I am beyond happy that I made it happen. The secret to this: keep it simple.

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Time Management Tips from Other Work at Home Mums

There are many mums balancing babies and business. Here are amazing time management tips and creating a work at home mum schedule.

If you create a schedule and fill every single minute you’ll drive yourself to insanity.

A Mother Far From Home

Time Management Tools for Work at Home Mums

As technology advances so does the idea of creating a mum schedule. I used to be a pen and paper girl, I had a planner and calendar where I wrote all work, tasks and appointments. Now, I use my iPhone and MacBook to schedule most things. I did not think this would work for traditional ole’ me, however, it has been a surprising blessing as it has simplified my schedule so much!

On the iPhone and MacBook, I use the notes app and create my simple schedule in there. Minimising paper and extra tools helps to keep my day to day tasks simple and clutter free. This has been super helpful in my mum work schedule.

Whether you are a tech girl, a pen and paper girl, or you like simplicity like me and do whatever creates that simplicity, here are a few tools to help you create a schedule that works for you.

Time Management Work for Work at Home Mums

The best work as a work at home mum is the work that fits your family and lifestyle. It’s really simple when you allow yourself to slow down, focus and create a simple schedule. My favourite way to work from home whilst being a mum and exploring my creativity is blogging!

Check out these posts for inspiration for work at home:

Self Care Tips for Work at Home Mums

If you need help with time management around taking care of yourself and need tips on what to do, here are some of my favourite health and fitness posts I wrote for another website. These are a great starting point to help you prioritise your health to feel good as a work at home mum.

time management tips work at home mum schedule

One Last Thing About Time Management Tips

You are doing enough! Please stop trying to add more to your plate if you are frizzled and fried. Focus on what is in front of you and work with what you’ve got. Create a simple schedule to bring inner peace and calm to your life. Once you have mastered that, then, and only then, add other things to your life if you desire it.

What is your best tip for time management as a work at home mum? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know below in the comments what you need help with when it comes to time management as a mum.

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