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5 Things I Want to Help My Audience with for Joyful Living

As a mum, homeschooler, wellness blogger, nutrition nerd and lover of living a life of faith, I am on a mission to help my audience (hey, that’s you!) create joyful living.

One of the ways I am doing that is through this blog. On the blog, you will find various topics that are a part of life and ultimately impact joy, such as nutrition, mindset, faith, pregnancy, birth, womanhood, time management, business, finances and more!

Another way I am doing it is through my Etsy shop Joy Faith Print. This shop has been created to help women live a life of joy by using simple printables for various areas in life that will help with health, happiness and the sweet home life!

Here are five things I want to help my audience with for joyful living.

#1: Joyful Living

One of my greatest missions with the blog is to help women live a life of joy and I am taking this mission to my Etsy shop to help reach out to women with products that are simple to use and can be applied to life straight away.

What is joyful living? Living in joy means choosing to see the goodness even amidst the normal mundane flow of life, the chaos of life and the simple ordinary daily moments. It means having faith and a positive mind. It means appreciating the good bits of the day. It means cherishing those precious moments that happen throughout every day.

Life will not be perfect. Ever. I am sorry to break that news to you. However, life can be wonderful every day, and perhaps that can be the imperfect perfect life for you. Learning to embrace the mess whilst feeling love and joy is a wonderful gift to give to yourself.

I have products on my Etsy shop to help living in joy now and every day. Check out the Ultimate Faith Planner, Faith Journal and the Habit Tracker.

faith planner printables

#2: Vegan Nutrition

One thing I am truly passionate about is nutrition, more so vegan nutrition. I was brought up with a healthy mindset to food, I became a personal trainer in 2009 and wellness coach over time which grew my knowledge even deeper, and have been vegan since 2014. With my personal and professional education and knowledge I love to share and help others with nutrition.

Nutrition is simply one aspect to a healthy lifestyle, so it takes more than food and exercise to be healthy, yet prioritising what we eat to be healthy has a huge impact on our daily lives.

I will be providing simple printables and planners to help with vegan nutrition so stay tuned for the product updates. For now check out the Habit Tracker to start implementing daily healthy habits. An example of using this for nutrition would be to eat a vegan breakfast every day and track it on the printable.

Simple vegan breakfast ideas:

#3: Faith

To go alongside joyful living is a focus on faith. Building faith helps to create hope, expectation, courage, confidence and positive thinking.

I have found great inner strength from building my relationship with God and having faith in myself, life and God for all areas of my life. Life can be messy at times, and through those challenging moments it’s great to have the inner wisdom to turn to God for love and guidance.

One way to help build faith is through prayer. I love my daily praying and I literally couldn’t go a day without it as it helps so much with connecting with myself and God – the spirit within and all around. If you need help with creating a daily habit for prayer check out the Prayer Tracker and Habit Tracker.

#4: Nourishment

Learning to nourish ouselves daily is essential, even as a busy mum. There is nothing selfish about prioritising your needs as well as your family’s needs, both are important. Feeding the mind, body and spirit with wholesome nourishment can help to lead a healthier happier life as we pour our cup out to our loved ones.

I will be providing printables to help with physical, emotional and spiritual health so that you can nourish your whole being.

Check out: 10 Healthy Habits for Women in Your 30s

#5: Home Life

A big aspect of joyful living is our home life. Whether you’re a stay at home mum, work out of the home mum, homeschooler, no matter the title, our home life is a big element to our emotional well-being.

Everything about home life, such as, cooking, cleaning, finances, caring for a baby, homeschooling, online business, laundry, time management, exercise and sleep, play an essential part in our health. On top of that are the relationships with our family which are vital to a healthy happy home.

I will be adding printables and planners to help with home life. Currently there is a Holiday Savings Tracker, Autumn Scavenger Hunt and Winter Scavenger Hunt.

joyful living

In Conclusion

It is my absolute mission to help you feel your best so you can enjoy life and show up as your best self with your loved ones. Knowing how to be happy and live a life of joy can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What does it look like? How do you actually be happy?

I’m no pro at this, however, I do have my fair share of life experiences to share with you and I know that hand on heart creating a simple life filled with faith, positive thinking, nourishing food and movement, and living a life of love, certainly helps the puzzle.

Using this planner can help tremendously in creating a life of joy.

Even without the know how and being a negative crab, we can all start somewhere. And once you know what it means for you to live a life of joy, you’ll be able to breathe a breath of fresh air.

Building a life of joy takes time and effort. But you can do it. You can totally do it beautiful soul. It’s simply about showing up for yourself (and your family) everyday. Prioritising what truly matters. If you’re doing that – you’re on the best path for you and your family.

You can definitely change your life to be filled with love, joy health and happiness. I’m here to help you along the way!

Which of these printables have you considered? Let me know in the comments below what type of printable you want to start!

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