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How to Balance Homeschooling and Working from Home as a Stay at Home Mum

Have you thought about homeschooling but are unsure how to even begin as you’re a working mum? Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of fitting in homeschooling alongside work? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered to help you balance homeschooling and working from home.

The truth is, it is possible to do both, and have a (somewhat) relaxed day (because let’s be real we have a family to care for)!! I do both and you might be surprised at what you can do once you let go of the pressure to be perfect.

No matter what your circumstances, type of work and approach to homeschooling, you can make it work successfully. This is why I’m so excited to share with you my favourite tips to help you on your homeschooling working journey.

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homeschooling and working from home

What Does a Typical Day of Homeschooling and Working from Home Look Like?

This will vary from one household to the next, it all depends on your homeschooling style and line of work.

Do you homeschool with a school-based approach? Follow a curriculum? Unschool? The style of home education you follow will give a better idea of a typical day as a homeschooling family.

For work, do you work for someone else at home? Employee? Self-employed? Contract work? Are you your own boss? Do you have your own business? How many hours a day do you work, and how many days a week?

All the above questions and answers will help to paint a better picture of how you approach balancing homeschooling and working from home.

Example 1: Homeschool with a curriculum + mum works full time from home

This approach will require a schedule with firmer time frames and tasks to complete. Less flexibility each day. This approach might be helpful for the mum as no planning is required as the curriculum is already set for the children. Before mum starts work she might do a lesson with the children.

Whilst mum works, any lessons that can be completed without supervision can be done, and this time can also include play and creative time for the children. When mum finishes work, she might do another lesson that requires supervision/instruction.

Example 2: Unschool with no curriculum + mum runs her own business from home

This approach lends itself well to those who like to be flexible with their days. It serves those who love freedom and trust in themselves and children to educate and learn together. Unschooling families follow many different styles.

A typical day may vary from one week to the next. One day might include a trip to the library to stock up on educational and read-aloud books with a stop off at the park to play, then whilst mum works on her business, the children play, or do something creative, or read. Another day might be a homeschool group meet up with other families. Another day might be a science project, then baking a cake, then mum works on her business and children do something creative quietly.

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How to Get Started with Homeschooling and Working from Home

To get started all you need is you and your children. That’s it. Job done. Well done mum!

Other more, erm, helpful tips:

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Tips for success in Homeschooling and Working from Home

Let’s get stuck into five top tips to help you create balance and be successful!

  • Flexible schedule. Creating a flexible structure to the day helps so much when homeschooling and working from home. Allow space for you to breathe and enjoy the day!
  • Positive mindset. You may be wondering – How Do I Homeschool My Kids if I Work Full Time? A big part of the “how” is your mindset. If you made the choice to homeschool your child, then creating a strong mindset is going to help you with the balance and daily flow of managing it all.
  • Start the day with a poem. When making breakfast read a poem out loud to the family. It’s a lovely simple way to learn about the English language and literature, the topic of the poem and it can trail off into various questions and discussions. This book is fabulous!
  • Books, books and books. Fill your home with books. This doesn’t have to cost you a tonne, simply join your local library and stock up on books. Invest in a few books as and when that you or your children love. Story books, read-aloud, educational books – these are all fantastic resources for any age.
  • Stop perfection. Look I get it, you’re a busy mum. You have your job or business to do and you want to homeschool your children, and you can do both. Now is the time to let go of perfection and open yourself up to trust the process. Things will always need tweaking over time as the children go through various stages, the style of home education you follow and the line of work you do. Your day-to-day schedule does not need to be perfect.

How Can a Homeschool Mum Make Money?

There are many ways to make money as a homeschooling mum. Perhaps you love working for someone else, you want the reliability of contract self-employed work. Or maybe you want the freedom to your working days and want to start a business. There is no set rule for how to make money from home. This post includes 19 ways to make money!

My absolute number one recommendation as a homeschooling stay-at-home mum is to start a blog. Yes, you need to treat it as a business, as it is a business, but you can create a super successful blog over time.

Suzi from Start a Mom Blog is the perfect example of blogging success. She started a blog as a creative outlet when her children were little and has grown it into an amazingly successful blog business that her husband has been able to retire and now helps her run the business where they serve 100,000+ students.

Start a Blog Today

Discover the best way to start a blog and make money from home.

Do Homeschool Mums Get Paid?

I am afraid to say no, you do not get paid to be a homeschool mum. But, you can still earn money as a stay-at-home homeschooling mum.

One of my favourite ways to work from home is blogging as discussed above. It is a fantastic way to build a business from home, set your own working schedule, make it fit around homeschooling and family commitments, and it is a form of creativity which is great for our mind and spirit.

You do not need to be a professional writer to be a blogger. Many mum bloggers started blogging as complete newbies. It is a fantastic solution to homeschooling and working from home.

If you already have a job working from home but want to be your own boss with an online business, then blogging may be a good fit for you. You can do as much or as little as you need/want, simply be consistent over a long time to build a successful blog.

Check out: How to Start a Blog and Make Money

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling and Working from Home

Need a quick answer, use the section below!

I’m afraid to say no. If you are wanting to keep expenses low for the family, then the best thing is to learn money management, spend less than you earn, keep the monthly budget low and change your mindset around money. On top of that, find ways to create an income. Check out here, here and here for ways to make money.

No, absolutely not! You can work from home and homeschool. You might need to tweak your daily flow with work to make it fit with homeschooling, but it all depends on the style of home education you follow.

No, it can cost very little to homeschool. You do not need to buy a curriculum. Get a library card to your local library and attend regularly for story books, read-aloud books and educational books.

If you want to buy books, look for second hand on Amazon and eBay. For craft resources shop around online to find the best deals.

No, you do not need a curriculum to homeschool. It depends on your approach to home education – school based at home? Unschooling? A mix? Child-led? Technically, whatever you do to educate your child will be the curriculum, it simply doesn’t need to be a set curriculum from a school.

Some ideas: a set curriculum, a monthly subscription box, books, library books, nature, creative play, art, and poetry.

Styles of curriculum – Classical, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Unschooling, School-at-Home, Unit studies, and Eclectic education methods.

Please let go of the pressure and high expectations, and most of all rid the label good. You are not a good or a bad mum, you are a mum. You are doing the best you can with the choices you are making. Some days homeschooling will look “perfect”, and other days it will be chaos.

This is such an open-ended question and answer. You do what is best for your child, their age, their development, your lifestyle, and your family, basically, take note of what is happening day to day as to what is the right amount of time to homeschool your children.

Some days will be different from the next. It is very important to have a schedule, even if it is a very loose flexible schedule. Creating a routine helps everyone know what to expect, even if that schedule just says Monday to Thursday homeschool in the mornings. You do not need to have specific time slots, but if that’s what works for you do that.

Keep it simple. Always keep it simple. When you are preparing for homeschooling start small and simple and then you can build as you go along. Connect with homeschooling parents on a Facebook group, find a few free online resources you like the look of, and buy just a couple of workbooks to get started.

It all depends on the style of homeschooling you are choosing for your family. Are you homeschooling? Unschooling? Christian-based? Child-led? Curriculum-based? Once you know the answer to these questions you can start to build the resources that are best for your family.

homeschooling working from home mum

Final Thoughts About Homeschooling and Working from Home

The best you can do is the best you can do. Create structure and have a flexible daily routine, but always remember to rest, relax and have fun with your family.

The so-called secret to balancing homeschooling and working from home is to have a can do positive attitude. You can do it. Repeat: I can. I can. I can.

You’ve got this!!

If you really like this blog post and it was helpful for you please share it with your friends and family or leave a comment below. I really appreciate it and would love to hear from you! Let me know if you give these tips a go.

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