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My Favourite Bread: 5 Easy Vegan Bread Recipes

A roundup of 5 Easy Vegan Bread Recipes from the abundance of food blogs on the internet. Whether you’re looking for a simple white bread recipe or a slow cooker bread, this list of easy vegan bread recipes has you covered.

I love bread. It is simple, delicious, versatile, family-friendly, budget-friendly, easy to be vegan and just darn right tasty. There were many years I stopped eating bread due to my plummet into the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and wellness coach and basically seeing bread as evil. Ha. Foolish me.

Well, I have matured in my years, and as a mature wise woman, I wholeheartedly believe bread is an essential part of the family home. Well, my family home anyway. Bread is great for lunch to enjoy alongside raw veg sticks and hummus, for sandwiches, toasted with vegan butter, breakfast for the children with vegan butter or jam and peanut butter. And it is so divine with homemade tomato soup and other delicious food at dinner.

And nothing beats that freshly baked warm bread taste sensation. Yum.

I find it very rewarding to bake bread for my family. I do not buy bread, I bake bread every week many times a week as we enjoy it a lot, especially for lunches.

Below is a list of 5 easy vegan bread recipes I’m sure you’ll love!

easy vegan bread recipes

1. Easy White Bread

Easy White Bread

This easy white bread from BBC Good Food is delicious. It’s easy, simple and tasty! Great for the family!

easy white bread

This easy white bread is easy. This was one of the first bread recipes I started using when I became a weekly regular baking bread for the family. It is simple to make and very delicious. We enjoy it with vegan butter or hummus.

2. Slow Cooker Bread

Slow Cooker Bread

Make a delicious and easy bread with this slow cooker bread from BBC Good Food. This is perfect for busy mums!

This slow cooker bread has become the weekly staple these days as it is soooo easy for the day-to-day busyness of family life. I double the amount and bake one batch in the morning and the second batch in the afternoon. It is soft and fluffy freshly baked and delicious toasted for the following days. We love this bread!

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3. Easy Flatbreads (vegan, no yeast)

Easy Flatbreads

These flatbreads from Domestic Gothess are incredible. Easy, vegan and ridiculously delicious. Give them a go, the children will love them!

We are obsessed with these flatbreads from Domestic Gothess. I enjoy making them, and we enjoy devouring them. They are soft, light and easy to make. We enjoy them with hummus, vegan butter, or as a wrap with salad, hummus and avocado.

4. Dough Balls

Dough Balls

These dough balls are NOT vegan, but I adapt the recipe to make them vegan. They are fun to make, and delicious and the children love them.

To make these dough balls vegan, follow the substitutions below:

  • 75 ml Whole fat milk –> 75ml plant-based milk (I use oat or soya milk)
  • Optional garlic butter dip –> use vegan butter

Other recipe adaptations:

  • No sugar = I’ve made them with and without sugar and I prefer without sugar
  • Stuff the dough balls with vegan garlic butter = once the dough balls and garlic butter are made, make a small dent in the dough balls, fill with vegan garlic butter, then cover the stuffed centre with dough and roll back into a ball before cooking

5. Easy Plaited Bread

Easy Plaited Bread

This easy plaited bread from The Veg Space is fun to make, looks pretty and tastes delicious.

If you fancy making something a little fancy, then this easy plaited bread is a great choice.

This bread has a delicious taste and texture. It bakes beautifully, making a thick dough that is simply divine.

When you want to make the time to prep and bake bread that is a bit more special, then this vegan plaited bread is an excellent choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Easy Vegan Bread Recipes

Any bread that does not contain animal products, such as milk, butter or eggs, is good to eat for a vegan. This includes bread with ingredients such as flour, salt, water, yeast and oil.

Many loaves tend to be vegan. Also, many pitta, ciabatta, flatbreads, tortillas, sourdough and baguettes. Sometimes there might be an animal product in the bread, so it is worth checking the ingredients.

Typically, pitta breads are vegan. It is worth checking the ingredients list to make sure it is vegan.

Sourdough tends to be vegan. On rare occasions, an animal product might be added to a sourdough bread, so it is worth checking the ingredients list.

Yes, baguettes tend to be vegan. Check the ingredients list to be certain.

Some Warburtons breads are vegan. It is worth checking the ingredients list to see which ones are vegan or have animal products in the bread.

Vegan baking is healthy for the mind and body. Baking is fun, enjoyable and truly satisfying to make your own bread, cakes and desserts. Using wholesome plant-based ingredients makes the food even better! And it depends on how you look at the term “healthy”.

Is a vegan cake packed with sugar, oil and flour healthy? Is a vegan cake made with oat flour, bananas, cinnamon and oat milk healthier? Is homemade bread better than a local bakery?

Is feeling relaxed and enjoying making the cake with all the sugar, oil and flour and enjoying eating the cake going to feel better? Being anxious about eating bread or cake and then eating more food than your body can handle – is that healthy?

Is making the oat flour banana mix cake with joy and enjoying eating the cake going to be healthier? Or making the said cake but doing it because you fear the vegan sugar oil flour cake and then eating a small piece of the oat flour banana cake because of fear around cake going to be healthier?

It all depends. The best thing is to make the vegan cake or bread you want to make and enjoy it, feeling good with each bite and eating to your body’s appetite, aka eat mindfully.

easy healthy vegan bread recipes

Need help with vegan nutrition? Check out this printable: Eat the Rainbow Vegan Nutrition Chart.

5 Easy Vegan Bread Recipes

Baking bread is a satisfying, enjoyable and delicious way to serve the family. It is super affordable and makes for a great budget-friendly meal alongside other delicious plant-based foods, such as hummus, soup and vegan butter.

Have no fear. Have faith that you can bake. Do not be overwhelmed by the idea of having to be a domestic goddess baking queen baking sourdough bread. Sure, you can bake sourdough bread. And yes, do it if you want to. And you can bake many other easy simple breads that are delicious, healthy and vegan.

If you give any of these easy vegan bread recipes a go, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you. Let’s share in the delicious vegan goodness!

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