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10 Healthy Vegan Cake Recipes

A roundup of 10 Healthy Vegan Cake Recipes from the abundant vegan food blogs on the internet. Whether you’re looking for a classic banana bread or a sweet lemon cake, this list of easy vegan cake recipes has you covered.

If you’re looking for delicious, easy and healthy vegan cakes, then this post is for you.

It is truly possible to make vegan cakes that look and taste yummy, trust me, I’ve had my fair share of success and failure when it comes to vegan baking. However, I’m on a mission to share with you that eating vegan can be tasty, healthy, simple and enjoyable!

Vegan cakes can be simple or more elaborate indulgent creations. Whether you’re baking for a birthday, Christmas, wedding, special occasion, or homeschool project, or it’s simply a part of your weekly food prep, there is something for every occasion. Yes, vegan cakes are delicious, and yes you can eat broccoli and cake whilst being healthy!

I love baking, whether that’s on my own or with a little helper or part of our homeschooling-focused time. There’s something special about making something sweet and enjoying the final product with the family.

Below is a list of 10 healthy vegan cake recipes that I’m sure you’ll love!

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healthy vegan cake recipes

1. Best Vegan Banana Bread

Best Vegan Banana Bread

This vegan banana bread from Nisha at Rainbow Plant Life is perfection. It’s easy, simple and utterly delicious! Using fewer than 10 ingredients!

Best Vegan Banana Bread

This vegan banana bread is one of my go-to favourite healthy vegan cake recipes. It is simple to make, packed with healthy plant-based ingredients and tastes divine! Use this ceramic non-stick bread baking tin!

2. Vegan Chocolate Cake

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Make a delicious and easy vegan chocolate cake recipe from Katie at Chocolate Covered Katie, with just a few basic ingredients. It’s perfect for any occasion!

This vegan chocolate cake is simply delicious! It is a staple chocolate cake we make at home and I highly recommend adding it to your cake-baking rota.

3. Vegan Lemon Bread

Vegan Lemon Bread

I’ve made this lemon bread from Chocolate Covered Katie as a cake and it’s delicious! Light, soft, and irresistibly moist, this super easy vegan lemon bread is sure to be a hit with friends and family!

vegan lemon bread loaf

This vegan lemon bread recipe is simply delicious! Instead of making it in a bread tin, I use a cake tin to make a lemon drizzle cake. I follow this cake recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie and the lemon drizzle recipe from Domestic Gothess.

4. Applesauce Cake

Applesauce Cake

Another Chocolate Covered Katie recipe (yes I love her!) This soft and super moist applesauce cake is packed with wholesome ingredients and a delicious classic apple flavour your whole family will love.

Another super simple healthy vegan cake recipe! I love making applesauce, all I do is cook bramley apples with water and cinnamon powder, that’s it, super simple. I love to top it on my beloved breakfast porridge and add it to baking dishes such as this applesauce cake.

5. Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

This homemade vegan carrot cake recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie is soft, moist, and irresistibly delicious, with thick vegan cream cheese frosting in each and every unbelievable bite!

Yet again, Katie comes up top trumps with a simply delicious healthy vegan cake recipe! I loooove carrot cake and this recipe is perfect to hit the carroty spot!

6. Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake

Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake

Victoria sponge cake is one of my favourite cakes and this vegan version is absolutely incredible from Hannah at Domestic Gothess. It is light, soft, easy to make and perfect for Afternoon Tea! And as a birthday cake which I love to do!

vegan victoria sponge cake

Ok, ok, this is probably my favourite cake on here – I LOVE victoria sponge cake. I grew up with enjoying many slices as my grandma was the best baker and she made victoria sponge cake often and it was utterly delicious. True joy in every bite! It wasn’t vegan, and since being vegan I had yet to find a recipe that would hit the spot, well, this is it.

I made this vegan victoria sponge cake from Domestic Gothess this year for my birthday and my oh my, it is delicious and certainly satisfies my joyful love for this cake. I believe my grandma would have loved it too even though she would not have liked the word vegan in it.

Use this ceramic non-stick round cake tin!

7. Vegan Christmas Cake

Vegan Christmas Cake

This vegan Christmas fruit cake from Domestic Gothess is deliciously divine! I love Christmas cake and have used this recipe for a few years. It’s perfect for the festive season!

vegan christmas cake

I love fruit cake and Christmas cake is absolutely heaven in the mouth! I’m always baffled when some people don’t like it…ermmm more for me then!!! When I became vegan years ago I knew I had to find a vegan recipe and used a few for the first few years, however, one year I found this vegan Christmas cake recipe from Domestic Gothess and have made it every year since. It’s simply perfect.

I adapt the recipe with the dried fruits used and go alcohol free using orange or apple juice. As there is no alcohol used I make this cake when ready to be eaten or a few days before. Also, I don’t ice the cake as I prefer it plain – cake only thank you!

8. Vegan Strawberry Cake

Vegan Strawberry Cake

This strawberry cake from Minimalist Baker is pure magic. It’s not only fresh and vibrant with strawberry flavor, but also incredibly fluffy and sweet, and each bite is like a flavor explosion in the mouth. We’re talking rainbows and unicorns and happiness on a plate. Whoa.

Vegan Strawberry Cake

Use this ceramic non-stick round cake tin!

9. 1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake

1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake

A perfectly fluffy, tender, sweet vanilla cake that’s vegan and gluten-free from Minimalist Baker! Let’s bake!

1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake
1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake

10. Gluten-Free Birthday Cake (Vegan)

Gluten-Free Birthday Cake (Vegan)

Another Minimalist Baker cake! A moist chocolate gluten-free birthday cake made in just 1 bowl! Three layers of fluffy chocolate cake, coconut whipped cream, and fresh berries make it the perfect summer birthday cake!

Gluten Free Birthday Cake (Vegan)
Gluten-Free Birthday Cake (Vegan)

Frequently Asked Questions About Healthy Vegan Cake Recipes

Vegan cakes tend to be healthier as they are packed with plant-based ingredients which are generally healthier than commercialised animal products such as heavily industrialised milk, butter and eggs.

That being said eating a vegan cake which might have sugar and oil can easily add up in calories per slice, so just because it’s healthier in ingredients doesn’t mean you can eat all the cake and be healthy. If your body is full and you continue to eat the vegan cake then that is the opposite of eating healthy as you’re ignoring your body’s signals that it’s full.

Choose wisely my friend. Eat vegan. Eat mindfully. Enjoy.

Most of the times, yes a vegan cake can be lower in calories. But this depends. It depends on the size of the slice you’re eating. What ingredients are being used – does it have oil, vegan butter, sugar, and/or flour in it? Or is the cake mainly oat flour, bananas, spices and oat milk?

Both of these cakes below are delicious and packed with awesome vegan ingredients. However, cake A will be lower in calories than cake B if having the same size of a slice per cake.

Cake A: Healthy Banana Bread

Cake B: Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake

Typically yes. Homemade cakes you know the exact ingredients going into the cake and the portions of certain ingredients such as sugar and oil are generally lower in quantity compared to a store-bought cake. Store-bought cakes (vegan or not) typically have more sugar and fat added to boost the flavour and shelf life.

All of them 🙂 Make a new cake, follow a vegan cake recipe, or adapt a non-vegan cake recipe with an ingredient you know that will work as a substitute. There are so many cakes to be enjoyed vegan. Just ensure it is vegan!

Example vegan cakes:

To replace eggs in vegan cakes there are a few options. The most common is a flaxseed substitute. 1 egg = 1 tbsp ground flaxseeds + 3 tbsp water.

Check out: 9 Best Vegan Egg Substitutes For Baking

Yes and no. It depends. If buying a cake with icing sugar on it, it could or could not be vegan icing on the cake. First, is the cake labelled vegan? Icing sugar on a cake is usually vegan, but some icing may have egg whites in it. If buying a vegan cake, check the ingredients of the cake. If making your own cake with icing sugar to ice the cake then you will know that the ingredients are vegan if using icing sugar.

Vegan baking is healthy for the mind and body. Baking is fun, enjoyable and truly satisfying to make your own cakes and desserts. Using wholesome plant-based ingredients makes the cake even better! And it depends on how you look at the term “healthy”.

Is a vegan cake packed with sugar, oil and flour healthy? Is a vegan cake made with oat flour, bananas, cinnamon and oat milk healthier?

Is feeling relaxed and enjoying making the cake with all the sugar, oil and flour and enjoying eating the cake going to feel better all-around? Being anxious about eating said cake and then eating more cake than your body can handle – is that healthy?

Is making the oat flour banana mix cake with joy and enjoying eating the cake going to be healthier? Or making the said cake but doing it because you fear the vegan sugar oil flour cake and then eating a small piece of the oat flour banana cake because of fear around cake going to be healthier?

It all depends. The best thing is to make the vegan cake you want to make and enjoy a piece, or two, or three, feeling good with each bite and eating to your body’s appetite, aka eat mindfully.

If buying a cake check it is labelled vegan and then check the ingredients list. If eating cake in a restaurant/cafe then ask if it is vegan. If there are any animal products in the cake, for example, eggs, butter, milk, or cream then it is not vegan.

easy healthy vegan cake recipes

Need help with vegan nutrition? Check out this printable: Eat the Rainbow Vegan Nutrition Chart.

10 Healthy Vegan Cake Recipes

It can be super easy, simple and fun to enjoy vegan cakes. The internet truly is a wonderful tool for finding healthy vegan cake recipes. There are many cookbooks, eBooks and food bloggers to share all the yummy vegan recipes that there are so many recipes to give a go!

Do not fear the unknown. Step into the joyful world of vegan food. Vegan cakes are delicious my wonderful friend. Enjoy!

If you give any of these vegan cake recipes a go, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you. Let’s share in the delicious vegan goodness!

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