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7 Must-Have Essential Oils for Beginners

You’ve heard of tea tree oil, lavender for adding to the bath to relax and maybe lemon essential oil for doing something for being healthy, no longer be confused, learn the 7 must-have essential oils for beginners to turn that curiosity into a clearer understanding!

I get it mamas, it can be overwhelming when first diving into the world of essential oils. I first started using essential oils many years ago, but I only used the bare minimum of tea tree, lavender and lemon, perhaps because I was overwhelmed too by the mass of oils. I no longer fear those little bottles of goodness as I now have a much better understanding and more confident stride to my essential oil shelf and I am more than happy to share what I know so far about these powerful, magical, natural beauties.

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What Essential Oils Should You Use Daily?

When it comes to using essential oils, there are so many you can use daily, it’s a bit of an open-ended question and answer. As with anything in life, quality beats quantity. Choosing the best quality essential oils is the first step before choosing which oils to use daily. Over the years I have used a variety of brands for essential oils, and now my absolute favourite is Revive essential oils.

I choose Revive essential oils because they are of excellent quality, 100% pure therapeutic grade, free from any additives, adulterants, fillers, synthetics, or dilutions. They are a fantastic price and cut out the middleman like popular MLM essential oil brands. I have been very impressed by their quality, price and customer service.

The reason I mention Revive is that not all essential oils are created equally. Some are cheap, synthetic, diluted oils which do not have the same positive impact as high-quality essential oils. Be mindful of research that shows some essential oils should be avoided as often this research has been performed on synthetic chemical compounds which is not the same as the complete oil produced by the processes that Revive perform.

Bearing this in mind, if using cheap synthetic essential oils it might be wise to not use them daily (or ever!!), but when using Revive essential oils and following the guidelines there are many oils that can be enjoyed for daily use.

Check out Best uses for essential oils: 50 ways to enjoy their therapeutic effects.

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7 Must-Have Essential Oils for Beginners


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for beginners (and long time users) and that’s for good reason: it’s amazing and has multiple uses. It is fantastic for relaxing, whether that’s adding a few drops to a bath, diffusing during the day to relax or at bedtime, or adding a couple of drops to the feet just before going to sleep. Lavender’s calming qualities are amazing for skin and hair too! Add a couple of drops to moisturiser and shampoo when washing hair. Lavender will help to nourish and boost skin, whilst revitalising hair for healthy locks.

Lavender is a staple in my home and I use it almost every day. I love to add it alongside other essential oils such as orange or lemon in the diffuser, and it gets diffused in my daughter’s room when she fancies a nice aroma with her cute hedgehog diffuser. And I am really enjoying adding a few drops to my feet before bedtime.

Grab lavender essential oil here.

Tea tree

A must-have essential oil for beginners, this is a not so secret secret for adding to your skincare. I absolutely love tea tree for reducing any pimples/acne/spots on my face. I don’t get a lot of acne, sometimes I get one or two breakouts and as soon as they show up I apply tea tree oil neat to that area and it massively helps to reduce the spot by drying up the inflammation. No need for spot treatment creams – just grab a little bottle of tea tree essential oil.

Grab tea tree essential oil here.


This has become a simple firm favourite in my house, I love lemon essential oil. It smells divine and is fantastic for adding to water for cleaning around the house. When mopping all the floors downstairs (there are no carpets downstairs) I simply use water and a few drops of lemon essential oil to clean the floor with a good ole’ mop and bucket. It adds a fresh aroma to a room with the diffuser when cleansing the air from dog odour and it can be a great addition to skincare for cleansing the skin!

Grab lemon essential oil here.


Since using Revive essential oils I have without a shadow of doubt become hooked on orange essential oil. It smells simply yummy inhaling from the bottle, for just that act of deliciousness it is worth adding to the home. There is a lot to be said for aromas boosting the mood, and if it makes you smile and go mmmmm then it is certainly worth using to uplift the spirit and de-stress.

My current favourite way to use orange essential oil is diffusing with a mix of other essential oils. It adds such a wonderful aroma to a room with other oils such as lavender, lemon, tangerine, cedarwood and stress easy.

Grab orange essential oil here.


Surely we all know this classic, frankincense essential oil. Frankincense has been known for many years due to its rich aroma and powerhouse properties for health and wellbeing. It comes from the Boswellia tree and is the gum resin from the bark. Due to its popularity and powerful benefits from thousands of years ago, it was once more valuable than gold, passed on from traders to travellers to royals for its incredible scent.

Read more about frankincense essential oil here.

My favourite way to use frankincense is adding a few drops to moisturiser in the evening to enjoy the wonderful skincare benefits. Frankincense is known for promoting radiant, smooth and moisturised skin. Since I have been using frankincense and copaiba essential oils on my skin every day I have noticed a positive difference in the complexion of my skin.

Grab frankincense essential oil here.


Copaiii what? Yep, I had never heard of this one until I started using essential oils. I did my research and was impressed by how amazing copaiba essential oil is for health in so many ways.

The first thing that stood out for me was how great it is for healthy skin, so I started using a few drops with moisturiser in the morning. As mentioned above, I have been using copaiba and frankincense every day with moisturiser and I have noticed a difference in my complexion. One of the reasons copaiba is so great for skin is it has the naturally occurring constituent beta-caryophyllene which is phenomenal for healthy skin. It can help reduce blemishes and support glowing skin.

It is known to help with aching muscles, inflammation, pain in specific areas of the body, and a good old fashioned foot massage or foot soak.

Grab copaiba essential oil here.


I have been surprised at how much I love peppermint essential oil, especially diffused alongside other essential oils. For some reason, I didn’t think I would be keen on this oil, but once I added it to the diffuser I fell in love. Peppermint essential oil smells divine and brings true joy to my heart every time I smell the aroma. I love to diffuse it alongside lavender, stress easy, orange or lemon.

Peppermint essential oil is fantastic for nausea and upset stomachs. Diffuse or inhale from the bottle and it will help to settle the stomach without having to take any weird tablets or potions. It brings an uplifting aroma that I love to diffuse in the morning when making breakfast.

Grab peppermint essential oil here.

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What are The Top 3 Essential Oils?

This is a personal choice so it might differ for you, and quite frankly I found it very difficult to pack my absolute top 3 essential oils as I keep adding to my oil goodie bag and learning more about the incredible benefits. If I had to start somewhere and pick 3 essential oils, these would be the starting point:

  1. Lavender
  2. Orange
  3. Frankincense or Copaiba

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What Is The Best Essential Oil Starter Kit?

To get started with essential oils for beginners the best way to do so is with a Revive set because you get a selection of oils at a discounted price and is totally worth it as you will fall in love pretty quickly with the essential oils.

I use Revive essential oils. Get 10% off with my code: REBECCA10.

Here are a few of the set options:

Basics Kit (Most Popular)

Starter Kit (Best Value)

Top Essential Oils Kit

Top Blends Set

Sleep Set

essential oil for beginners

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Essential Oils for Beginners

Essential oils are a simple smart way to support health and wellness. I love that essential oils are nature’s way of helping to prevent and heal any issues and simply smell divine bringing a lush aroma to the home. If you are looking for a healthier option for adding a scent to the house, want a kitchen cabinet that is filled with healthy goodness to support your mind and body, looking for simple solutions for healthy skincare, then essential oils could be your answer.

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