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Vegan Hot Chocolate | Healthy Hot Cacao Recipe

There’s something incredibly comforting about hot chocolate and this healthy vegan hot chocolate certainly hits the spot for comfort, taste and nourishing the soul. I have loved hot chocolate for as long as I can remember (who hasn’t?) and I love making it for the family too! This hot chocolate is vegan and super easy to make, which is a total bonus for a busy mum.

As a child I loved the sweet sugary hot chocolate, sometimes as a luxurious treat loaded with marshmallows and/or whipped cream. As an adult, my taste buds have certainly changed and my desire for nourishing my body with good nutrition is at the forefront. This healthy hot cacao is a more grown-up hot chocolate that brings together my love for health, comfort, dark chocolate and healing to the mama mind, body and heart. I love to enjoy a cup of this in the evening after dinner whilst winding down before bedtime with the family.

My daughter likes this hot cacao but loves it with more sweetness so add more syrup to please those younger tastebuds if necessary. Also, she is a HUGE fan of marshmallows (aren’t all kids?!) so we add vegan marshmallows to her hot chocolate when she wants that extra oomph.

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vegan hot chocolate recipe

What is cacao powder?

Cacao powder is the minimally processed form of chocolate that is derived from the cacao seed. It comes from the cacao tree which fruits colourful pods filled with large cacao seeds. These cacao seeds, also known as cacao beans, are part of the process of creating chocolate, however consuming the cacao seed powdered, aka cacao powder, means it’s being enjoyed closest to its purest form. It retains more nutrients and is a powerhouse compared to chocolate and cocoa powder.

Which is better cocoa or cacao?

Cacao powder is more nutrient-dense than cocoa powder. Cacao is the less processed form of cocoa powder therefore it is higher in minerals, fibre and antioxidants. The cacao beans are processed into either cacao or cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is processed at a higher temperature which sometimes includes adding preservatives, sugar and sweeteners, and produces a smoother sweeter taste that many people know, however it loses more of its nutritional value. Cacao powder is processed at a low temperature before being ground into cacao and retains its rich, strong, nutritious and deeper chocolate flavour. Cacao is more bitter than cocoa but still tastes delicious!

vegan hot chocolate

Is it good to drink hot chocolate before bed?

Drinking a warming soothing drink is always a good idea to relax. Personally, I enjoy a cup of vegan hot chocolate after dinner late evening. I don’t drink it just before bed as I am not a fan of eating or drinking before going to sleep, but I do enjoy the comfort of this drink as the last thing I consume for the day whilst winding down before the bedtime routine with the family.

There has been lots of research done into dark chocolate and cacao to help relax the mind and body so feel free to do the research on that yourself. What I do know is from my professional experience in the health and wellness industry over the years, and my personal experience, enjoying dark chocolate and cacao can do wonders for the body, mind and soul to nourish and relax. We all know those “feel good vibes” when taking a bite of yummy chocolate or enjoying a sip of hot chocolate… just make it a healthy choice with the darker variety!

Tips to make vegan hot chocolate even better

Here are a few tips to make hot chocolate even better using the recipe below.

  • Use a good quality cacao powder. I use organic raw cacao powder and Aduna Super Cacao powder (code – REBECCA10 for 10% off).
  • Purchase a small hand whisk. I like this one. Super affordable and does the job perfectly!
  • Add more agave syrup if you (or the kids) like it sweeter.
  • For luxury add vegan marshmallows, grated dark chocolate and/or vegan whipped cream (use Elmlea plant double cream and whip it up).
  • For extra nutrititon add 1/2 tsp reishi powder. Get this Organic Reishi Powder.
  • Add a cinnamon stick.
  • Add Aduna Super Cacao to Healthy Vegan Porridge.
  • Enjoy with loved ones!
healthy vegan hot chocolate

How do I make vegan hot chocolate?

Here is a simple easy recipe to make a healthy vegan hot chocolate.

Serves 2



  1. Add the oat milk to a pan on medium heat until bubbling.
  2. Turn the heat to a low simmer then add all the other ingredients.
  3. Whisk with a hand whisker to break down all the powders and whisk until smooth. Stir with a wooden spoon.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

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vegan hot chocolate recipe hot cacao

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