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10 Tips to Be a Happy Mum

Are you wanting to know how to be a happy mum? In this fast-paced modern-day world, it seems this question is popping up more and more as us mums seek joy whilst raising a family.

When I became a mum I found it easy to take care of myself and feel good whilst caring for my first child. With challenges in life from deaths in the family to divorce to becoming a mum of two, I have learned many tips and tricks to help with feeling good and being the best I can be for myself and my beautiful family.

There have been many testing times, but I am here to tell you, that you can get through it and move forward with your life no matter what struggles you’ve experienced. You can be a happy mummy!!

If you are reading this post then I believe in you and know you can apply these simple tips to help enhance your life with love and joy for yourself and your family.

Read this post and apply the tips. More knowledge gives you more power to grow your happiness, health and joy for life.

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10 tips to be a happy mum mom

How to Be a Happy Mum

Ahhh the golden question – how to be a happy mum? It seems a very popular question amongst google searches, social media, in-person mummy groups and general chats with friends. Why has it become so popular, or has it always been a quest for mums even thousands of years ago?

That I can’t answer, but what I do know at this present time in the 21st century, us mums want to feel good. We want to smile, laugh, have fun, feel calm, play with our little ones and actually feel the joy radiating out of our inner beings. Is that you too mama?

If you are feeling fed up, frazzled, tired, exhausted, depressed, no oomph for life and simply want to find the piece to the puzzle to bring you peace, then please don’t give up, keep going.

You’ve got this beautiful soul.

How Can I Be a Healthy Happy Mum?

I am here for you and I want to help guide you to be the happy mummy you deserve to be for yourself and your wonderful little ones.

If you are struggling and need to feel good then it is totally possible to make a U-turn and start to feel better. It might seem overwhelming, too difficult and darn right impossible right now, but, and hear me out, you CAN feel better and then totally wonderful from the place you’re at right now. Truth.

It is going to take work and willingness from you. Are you ready to make changes? Are you willing to have faith in yourself? Can you get out of your own way and allow yourself to be healthy and happy?

I find it easy to take care of myself with healthy wholesome food and move my body regularly, it’s very natural to me. I also find it easy to do the mindset work necessary to grow. Health is a passion of mine so many aspects of the health equation are easy for me.

However, happiness has been a challenge. Life has thrown me many curve balls and I have learned many lessons along the way. I am positively happy to say it is possible to work through life’s challenges and find the positive in those blessings (some call mistakes?!)

So, mama, I am here to tell you, that you too can find it easy to prioritise your health and work through life’s challenges to be happy. It might take a little extra effort though – are you ready?

10 Best Tips to Be a Happy Mum

Let’s get into the tips to be a happy mum so we can keep this simple… we’ve got kids to see to right?!

Tip 1: Positive Thinking

It all starts with your mind, and one of the best ways to have a healthy happy mind is to be positive about everything. Yes, everything, even when your child is crying, the baby needs you 24/7 and you have a lot of clothing to wash.

Say one positive thing about a person or situation that has got you frustrated/angry/upset, and trust me, in time this will bring such relief to you.

One of the best books I have read on positive thinking is this one.

Read. Read. And read again. Allow your brain to think positive, and then it will become a natural habit that helps you see the good every day. Get The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

Tip 2: Have Faith and Believe

Having faith and building belief in yourself, others, life and God can have a tremendous positive impact on your happiness.

Allowing myself to believe in God has had incredible power in my life. One being: faith. Having faith is such a simple, yet powerful, way to be in life. It massively helps to be positive and know that all is ok.

Whether you believe in God or not, I highly recommend praying. I started praying two years ago and it’s become a solid staple in my bedtime routine.

Prayer can help in so many ways such as connecting to yourself, dumping stress from the day, thinking about the joys from your day, and asking for help from God. You will be amazed at how God answers when you sincerely ask for guidance.

All of this can help build faith and belief. Having faith and believing in yourself and life can massively help with creating a life filled with love and joy.

Tip 3: Affirm it Every Morning

Affirmations are a powerful tool and super easy to do every morning. I recommend you say the same one multiple times or a bunch of ones that align with what you want to think and feel.

I do these first thing in the morning when snuggled in bed with the little ones, or after yoga which I do first thing out of bed. This way they start the mind off right with good positive thoughts!

Affirmations can help you feel good, think positive, bring relief and focus on what you do want in your life.

Affirmation ideas:

  • I am healthy, happy and live a wonderful life.
  • I am filled with love.
  • I am an amazing mummy, woman and human on this beautiful earth.
  • Today will be a great day, I choose to be happy and at peace.
  • My life is joyful, simple, easy and fun.
  • I am abundant in love, joy, good health and wealth.

If you need help with affirmations, get the Mummy Mindset Tracker.

how to be a happy mum

Tip 4: Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Food is fuel for the mind, body and soul. We need food to survive, but we need healthy wholesome food to thrive.

Good nutrition is one part of the equation for being healthy. There are many factors to good health, and it’s more than food and exercise, however, let’s keep it simple here. We eat every day, therefore changing our eating habits to be healthy is a good place to start as it’s something we are already doing.

And the best place to start with making food changes is breakfast. Why? It’s the first meal of the day and a great way to feel good as we venture into mum life.

Breakfast ideas:

Tip 5: Do What You Love

You’ve gotta do what ya love! True story.

Let’s end it there.

Ok, for real, you do need to love your life. It sounds so simple and obvious, and that’s because it is. Stop complicating life, and let’s make a mum pact – do what we love. Deal?

Yes being a mum is busy, but that’s what happens when we have a family to take care of, however that doesn’t mean you have to stop being happy and just be a miserable grumpy mummy instead.

You get to choose how to live your life. How exciting is that? Very!! You are in control of who you are, so start adding things into your days that bring you joy.

Love reading? Do it. Love crafts? Do it. Love exercise? Do it. Love baking? Do it. Love writing? Do it. Whatever you love, do it, even if it looks different to how it did pre-children. Who cares… you now get to do what you love AND enjoy your beautiful blessings every day.

Life is to be loved. Start loving it.

be a happy mum

Tip 6: Do One Simple Thing

Not sure where to start to do what you love? Keep it simple and do simple easy-to-do things.

It’s much easier to add simple things to your day than hard complex things. That makes sense right?! I love this simple concept and have found great success applying it every day to my life. The book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson talks about creating success and happiness with simple daily activities.

This book is a must-have as it really is simple to apply and truly does work. I think it’s perfect for us mums with busy family lives. It can be applied to all areas of life from parenting to health to happiness to business to wealth.

For example, one area of life I applied it is in the morning for my beloved yoga. Upon waking, I get the yoga mat out from under the bed and do 5 minutes of yoga. My children and dogs are in the bedroom too, and it works perfectly before we all start getting on with the noise of the day. When I did yoga later in the morning in the lounge it was too chaotic and yoga is meant to be a bit more peaceful and relaxing than that mayhem. Now, everybody knows mummy’s routine and everyone is still peaceful after waking up. I now keep the yoga mat under the bed ready for the morning and it’s easy to do.

Get the book here.

Pick one thing you want to change and do it with a simple easy-to-do approach. You can do it!!

Tip 7: Move Your Body

Moving the body is essential for a healthy happy body. Whether you used to do a lot of exercise pre-children and now feel you can’t do it anymore, or you need a boost of inspiration, or you are yearning for a routine to add in your beloved movement – you can make it happen!

No matter your circumstances as a mum, we are all busy taking care of a family, and you can, let me repeat, you can make time to move your body daily.

I’m giving a bit of tough love here ladies, maybe it’s the ole’ personal trainer in me or simply my passion to help you realise you can take care of yourself to be healthy and happy as a mum, let me put this simply: you have the time to exercise.

Feel Better in 5: Your Daily Plan to Feel Great for Life is a fantastic book that can help you incorporate 5 minutes of movement daily. I highly recommend this book by Dr Rangan Chatterjee to help with mindset, movement and happiness.

Now, it might take a little effort at first and a few tweaks in your daily routine, but anything worth having to feel good and honour our bodies is worth making time for every day. Yes, even whilst raising children you have time to move your body.

If you want to exercise, then now is the time to think positive about it and start doing it. Let’s keep it simple. You don’t need to join a gym, a class or hire a personal trainer (one of the reasons I stopped being a PT is I believe it’s a waste of money for you, I’m too good at heart and believe you can achieve success with your health and fitness with simple tips minus the expense of a trainer!!)

Get the book here.

learn how to be a happy mum

Tip 8: Quiet Time

Do it. Make quiet time an official part of your day, it can truly help you all as a family to rest, relax, recharge and give each person time to unwind before coming back to the noise of family life.

As a stay-at-home mum homeschooling family, this is an easy element to add to our day as we are homebodies and can schedule this time in for the afternoon every day. If you are a full-time working mum with children at school then I recommend scheduling quiet time after school and work, and continuing this at the weekends but maybe change the quiet time to a different part of the day as you’ll be at home more.

  • Make it non-negotiable (it’s a normal part of everyday life)
  • Have a set time(ish) – we do around two hours
  • No talking – make this very clear before doing quiet time
  • Do not just use a screen – avoid watching films, shows, or computer games the whole time
  • Get creative – adults (blog, colour in, draw, read), children (colour in, draw, read, write)
  • Nap time – schedule with babies and youngsters afternoon sleep

The point of quiet time is to help you, busy mum, relax and recharge, whilst also giving babies their sleep, and children time to decompress and get creative. It’s not time to just watch a film, which is ok for some of the time, but we still want to allow our brains to engage and learn.

If you’re a stay-at-home mum homeschooling too, then I highly suggest adding in quiet time.

Typically, we have quiet time after lunch for at least two hours and snuggle in on the bed. The baby sleeps, the dogs sleep, and then me and my oldest child settle down for quiet time. The first half is creative time where I work on my blog and my daughter usually draws, colours in or plays quietly. Then the second half is free time where I read and she watches a part of a film.

Before I started quiet time I explained what it was and how we were going to do it so my oldest knew what was happening. Make sure you set yourselves up for success and have all resources out ready before settling down. Make it clear there is no talking (unless of course there is an emergency!)

If you don’t have babies to care for and have older children there is room for flexibility with where you do this and if the children want to be elsewhere on their own in the house.

Do you want to improve your wellness? Get the Ultimate Wellness Planner here.

Tip 9: Positive People

To be happy and healthy, it is truly beneficial to be surrounded by positive people.

If you are in a negative environment it can be easy to get dragged down into others’ negative thinking. Of course, sometimes you can’t get away from all negative thinkers so in those situations you have to be super headstrong and switch negative conversations to positive topics. Or simply politely leave the chat.

You deserve to feel good and you can only control your thoughts. However, you deserve to be lifted up by positive people too. Take a look around the people you surround yourself with and see if it needs a boost of positivity!!

Tip 10: Good Digestion

What we eat massively impacts our mood, and so does our gut!

How often have you felt frustrated and miserable when your stomach has discomfort during or after a meal? Fed up with feeling bloated or constipated? Embarrassed with all the gas you’re holding in?

You are meant to feel fantastic in every way, and that includes in your gut. The gut is known as the second brain as it is so important in helping the whole body to function optimally.

  • Simplify meals. Keep it simple to aid the digestion of each food. Focus on wholesome plant-based wholefoods.
  • Eat most fresh fruit, salads and raw vegetables during the day (i.e. breakfast and lunch) and avoid in the evening as it can be difficult for the stomach to digest raw fruits and vegetables later in the day. Instead, eat cooked vegetables in the evening at dinner which is soothing for the digestive tract. 
  • Eat mindfully. Eating mindfully helps you to be in tune with your body which can stop you from overeating or undereating, and instead, eating the right amount of food that you need to be satisfied and satiated.
  • Drink water. Hydration is one of the most important ways to assist your body, including the digestive process. Enjoy room temperature water and herbal teas. Ice cold water can have a negative impact on digestion.
  • Foods to eat for good digestion. Fresh fruit, leafy greens such as lettuce, kale and spinach, rice, oats, potatoes, avocado, hummus, rice cakes, sourdough bread, gluten-free pasta, beans, chickpeas, and flaxseeds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Happy Mum

Need a quick answer, use the section below!

Be you. Oh and there is no such thing as being perfect, or maybe there is, perhaps being our imperfectly perfect selves is perfect enough. Rather than chasing an idolised image of perfection, simply focus on being a happy positive mum.

Choose love always. Be kind, calm and patient. Focus on being positive and a positive role model to the family. Let go of what you think you should do/be, instead focus on creating a wholesome family life filled with love, joy, faith and goodness.

This might look different from one mum to the next. Trust in yourself, your abilities, your intuition, your strength, and trust that you know how to be the best mum.

Download the free Mum Self Care Guide!

Keep it simple. Keep life simple. Simplicity is mama’s finest nourishment. No matter what your lifestyle looks like as a family, find a way to simplify the flow of each day so that you have space to breathe and relax. Make time to go at a steady pace rather than rushing and squeezing everything into each nook and cranny of the day.

Focus on being a happy positive mum. Focus on taking care of yourself. Focus on being kind and calm with your children. And choose to make time to do fun things with your children.

Yes! I am one of them and you certainly can be one too. I understand that being a mum can be challenging, however, being a mum is God’s beautiful gift to us women and when we allow ourselves to embrace this divine gift it is so wonderful.

how to be a happy mum

Be a Happy Mum Every Day

There you have it mums, your guide to being a happy mum. Is it always going to be easy? Yes, no, maybe. Is it going to get better? Yes.

Being a mum is a mixed bag of tricks. It is magical, mysterious, wonderful, exhilarating, joyful, challenging, tiring, and patience-testing. But in all honesty, it is simply incredible.

Choosing to focus on the positive will help every day, no matter what life throws your way. I have found great strength in focusing on the positive.

I am a firm believer that thinking positive will create a happy wonderful life, no matter the noise outside of us.

Did this help you?

If you really like this blog post and it was helpful for you please share it with your friends and family or leave a comment below. I really appreciate it and would love to hear from you! Let me know if you give these tips a go.

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