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Mum Blogs: 6 Christian Homeschool Blogs You Must Follow

Are you looking for mums who homeschool for inspiration in your home? I will share 6 Christian homeschool blogs (and vlogs) in the homeschooling world that really changed my life for the better for homeschooling in our family. And by the end of the article, you will discover other mums just like you and me who manage to make it work alongside everything else we mums do at home.

Stay-at-home-mum, homemaker, housewife, homeschooler, home business… yes you can do it all, many women around the world are doing it with the loving help of faith, time management and joy. Perfect every day? No. Chaotic? Yes. Realistic and enjoyable? Yes. Ready? Let’s dive in!

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Mum Blog #1: Heidi from A Lively Hope

Heidi from A Lively Hope has helped me create a simple, flexible and enjoyable structure for homeschooling. Her approach to homeschooling really clicked with my own desire for a simple routine that keeps your mama’s heart filled and not depleted.

As a mum of 4 with a home business, she shows other mums how her daily routine looks alongside glimpses into their homeschooling life. She has a huge passion for creativity and hares this with others to help them in their personal lives to shine as mothers and also for family life.

This blog post What’s Working in Our Homeschool really helps to create a fantastic structure.

Heidi’s approach to homeschooling 100% clicks with the approach I want for my family too. Her emphasis on flexibility, managing time with block times for personal time, family time and homeschool time helps a tonne with daily time management, and mixing in the Charlotte Mason style of home education can help you too if this style aligns with you.

“I believe that creativity can connect us to God and that it is inherent in our nature.”

Heidi, A Lively Hope

You can learn more about Heidi by checking out A Lively Hope.

Mum Blog #2: Amy from Raising Arrows

Amy from Raising Arrows has become an absolute wealth of information for family life and homeschooling. As a mum of 10, she certainly has vast experience in home education as she has helped educate her children since the beginning, with the oldest graduating successfully.

What I love about Amy’s approach is her passion for homeschooling and making it work alongside the different seasons of life with a growing family.

Amy has been a breath of fresh air for my homeschooling journey, and quite frankly, has helped to take a tonne of pressure off my shoulders to realise that it really is very simple to homeschool. She has a tonne of blog posts and resources to help homeschool mums manage homeschooling in the day-to-day of life.

“Stop stressing about those days and hours and create a home atmosphere filled with rich learning opportunities. Teach your children to love learning. From there, the hours will fill themselves in.”

Amy, Raising Arrows

You can learn more about Amy by checking out Raising Arrows.

Mum Blog #3: Sarah from My Joy-Filled Life

Sarah from My Joy-Filled Life is a mum of 7 and homeschools her children with an emphasis on not trying to be perfect or “supermom”, but simply showing life as an ordinary woman who glorifies God and embraces the ups and downs of motherhood.

She has an incredible amount of resources on her website to help us homeschool mums, including excellent book lists, curriculum reviews, and a vast list of tips to homeschool.

Sarah provides many blog posts for activities for kids which are a great addition to the homeschool life as well as just for fun… which as you may come to learn, many activities that you do at home “just for fun” is learning, therefore it is home education.

“I am not a perfect mom or wife, and we are not a perfect family, nor do we strive to be. I am not supermom. I’m just an ordinary woman, who serves an extraordinary God.”

Sarah, My Joy-Filled Life

You can learn more about Sarah by checking out My Joy-Filled Life.

Mum Blog #4: Quinn from Reformation Acres

Quinn from Reformation Acres is a mum of 8 children who loves the simple life shown through her homesteading life with her family. The children get stuck into the homestead life as a way of living and education which are part of the same thing anyway when we realise that education happens in life…not just in a classroom!

On her blog, there is more information on homesteading than homeschooling, but her post on Our Home Education Program truly helped me gain perspective, simplicity and structure alongside Heidi from A Lively Hope when I was in the early days of figuring it all out.

Both Quinn and Heidi, have a similar style to homeschooling that sings to my mama’s heart and I have found peace in the simplicity of this approach. Quinn absolutely loves the Bible for education and I am founding this to be true as I use the Bible in our homeschooling days.

“The type of homeschooling mother I am, one that stays simple, doesn’t get into all the bells & whistles but rather is more relaxed, simple.”

Quinn, Reformation Acres

You can learn more about Quinn by checking out Reformation Acres.

Mum Blog #5: Ellen from Ellen Fisher

Ahhh, where to begin? Ellen is an absolute gem of a woman who has inspired me in so many ways, so many times, throughout the years. She is a mum of 5, homeschooling her children with her husband Andrew in their beautiful home in Maui.

I’m not sure if Ellen is Christian, however, her husband Andrew is a Christian and I find them such an inspiring couple that I had to add them to this list.

This is a shout-out to her YouTube channel where you can find many inspiring videos on their homeschooling such as:

Ellen is a phenomenal woman she has so much passion for homeschooling, motherhood, vegan nutrition and living a wholesome life.

“I’m deeply passionate about living a healthy plant-based lifestyle, homeschooling my children, gardening, ethical veganism, and sustainability. I’m committed to encouraging and inspiring others to eat more plants and practice respectful gentle parenting.”

Ellen Fisher

You can learn more about Ellen by checking out her YouTube, podcast and website.

Mum Blog #6: Angela from This Gathered Nest

Angela from This Gathered Nest is a mum of 8 children who left the hustle of suburban life to create the farm life with her family. She is an advocate for adoption and homeschooling and has an incredible passion for creating an enriched life.

I came across Angela on YouTube years ago when learning about homeschooling and remember writing down notes for the day when I would start homeschooling my children. My oldest was only a baby at the time when I made these notes, but now we are in the swing of homeschooling I find Angela’s wealth of knowledge a true inspiration.

Angela has so many videos on her YouTube channels to help with homeschooling and also has resources on her website to help mums on their homeschooling journey.

“I say this every time I give any type of homeschooling advice. Resist the urge to compare. Keep your eyes focused, put your blinders on, run your own race.”

Angela, This Gathered Nest

You can learn more about Angela by checking out her family YouTube, personal YouTube and website.

christian homeschool mum blogs


To sum up all the above, if you’re a mum looking for help in homeschooling, then there are many other mums out there doing it and making it work.

You can do it! You can make homeschooling work for your family, whether you have 1 child, 5 children or 12 children. No matter what your family size, family needs, budget and lifestyle, you can make home education work for you all.

The 6 women mentioned in this post have been homeschooling for a number of years so they understand the successes and failures, the ups and downs, the tears and joys, and most of all the importance of creating a wholesome environment for the family.

Homeschooling is a beautiful gift to give to your family. If you are yet to start but have it in your heart to do it, if you’re in the early days of doing it or you’re a seasoned mama but need a boost of inspiration, then check out these 6 homeschooling mums to help you in your homeschool family life.

I would love for you to share this post with your friends, family, on social media, wherever you like to hang out in the online world, to help other mums for homeschooling their families.

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