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The Best Affordable Vegan Skincare

The Best Affordable Vegan Skincare Products

As a vegan mum who loves to have healthy skin whilst also being mindful of how I spend my money I wanted to share the best affordable vegan skincare to create a skincare routine that works for health, budget and supporting animal welfare.

Whether you are vegan or not, I believe it is important to know what you are putting on your body and how you are spending your money. Every penny you spend supports that cause, and as I am vegan for various reasons, one being to support animals, I do my best to purchase products that are vegan and cruelty-free.

I am going to share with you various vegan skincare products that I love that fit an affordable budget – not too high-end and not too cheap that they don’t actually contain good quality ingredients which is a priority to me when choosing anything that goes on or in my body.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.

best affordable vegan skincare

What are the Best Cheap Skincare Products?

First and foremost I want to make it clear to you that labelling a product as cheap does not mean it is rubbish/useless/a waste of money. Some cheap products can certainly be a waste of money, whereas some can do the job perfectly. Another point to ask yourself: what is cheap to you? We all have different budgets, incomes and spending habits. A product at £5 might be cheap to one person, whereas another product at £30 could be cheap to someone else. Are you buying a single product or a set? Because when buying a set, of course, the overall price will be higher but it works out cheaper per individual product when buying a skincare set.

All products mentioned are vegan, I have used them and they fit the bill for being affordable. I absolutely love them or I hoped I would love them but didn’t work for my skin type but work perfectly for others, so as you can see I am being totally honest about what I recommend here.


Facetheory is vegan and cruelty-free. The company uses botanical extracts, sustainable packaging, and is on a mission to make the best clean skincare products whilst being affordable.

My favourite product is the Clarifying Cleanser C2 at only £11.99 and lasts one to two months.

budget vegan skincare frugal living

The Ordinary

I really wanted to love all of The Ordinary skincare products. I love that they are vegan, super affordable, have simple packaging, and focus on scientific formulas to target skin needs. Sadly, my skin kept breaking out in acne with the products I chose. However, I do know that these products work amazing for others, and they might for you too!

I do love the 100% Plant-Derived Squalene which I used on my daughter’s skin when her body had a reaction and nothing else worked to calm the skin. For only £12 on Amazon it is a great option for those wanting a simple moisturiser and/or body oil.

Faith in Nature

Being vegan and having super sensitive skin I have to be very mindful of what products I use and have no crazy fragranced chemical products. I know this post is about skincare, however, I am briefly mentioning haircare too. I have tried many haircare products over the years to see what works, what I like and what is in my budget.

Over the years I have found only a few brands of vegan haircare I love. My skin doesn’t react to them, are vegan and cruelty-free, my scalp doesn’t itch, and my hair doesn’t get greasy 1 to 2 days after washing. One brand I like is Faith in Nature – super simple and affordable, and great for washing the dogs too!

This Faith in Nature Jojoba Shampoo is only £5.78 a bottle.

Little Soap Company

Finding a good quality vegan soap that washes the body and can be used to shave is like finding gold at the end of the garden. Well, that’s how I feel about soap. Many soaps are not vegan, and even some vegan soaps can be too fragranced and drying on the skin. I love the simplicity of soap – no plastic packaging, cheap, lasts just as long or longer than body wash, lasts longer than shaving cream, and is superbly simple.

My favourite vegan soap that I use to wash the body and shave is Little Soap Company. It is vegan, organic and free from detergents, SLS, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones, sulphates and preservatives. I use the Pure Rose Geranium soap or Lavender which ranges in price around £3 to £4 on Amazon.

Kind Natured

What is it about dry heels… so inconvenient, kinda gross and frustrating. Or is that just me? It seems the older I have got I have slightly dry heels and it grosses me out so I started using a foot cream to hydrate this area of the body. I have used a few vegan creams which didn’t work. The best affordable vegan foot cream I could find that actually works is from Kind Natured.

I use the Kind Natured Coconut and Shea Nourishing Foot Cream which is vegan and only costs £4.99 and lasts a good chunk of time as a little bit goes a long way on just the heels of the feet.


My skin has been in pretty good condition for a few years after finding a skincare routine that suited my skin needs. Towards the end of my second pregnancy, my skin broke out in acne on my cheeks and continued after giving birth. With all the hormonal changes and breastfeeding my face was breaking out and my usual skincare routine was not helping.

With my love for holistic health, I knew I could do something to support my skin health throughout these changes in my body throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond as a mummy. I started researching to find vegan skincare with a focus on natural ingredients, affordable products for long term use in case I loved them, ideally UK based and a good vibe from the company.

best affordable vegan skincare tropic skincare
best affordable vegan skincare tropic skincare

I found a couple of companies and gave some products a go as they ticked the boxes for vegan, natural ingredients, UK based and a good vibe, but none of the products helped the acne on my cheeks. I decided to do one more look for a company to suit my needs and if those products didn’t work then I would ride it out and hope my skin would clear one day down the motherhood path.

Well, this last search led me to Tropic and the rest is history as they say! I started with the ABC Skincare Collection including the Clear Skin Mask which started to help reduce the redness behind the acne and then I introduced a few key products to help with blemishes – Pure Lagoon, Ocean Dive and Clear Skies – and my skin has massively improved with a noticeable reduction of the acne on my cheeks.

I love everything about the products and company, so much so I am proudly an ambassador with Tropic. I love that all products are vegan and cruelty-free, affordable long term, bursting with natural ingredients, UK based and an incredible feel-good vibe from the company. They are certified carbon neutral, the baby range is COSMOS certified organic, recyclable and refillable packaging, and every purchase helps fund education across Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal.

best affordable vegan skincare tropic skincare

If you choose to purchase any products with Tropic I would love it if you add me as your ambassador. Type in Rebecca Hughes and find me with the same profile picture as on my about me page. Thank you!

What Skincare Brands are Vegan?

Buying vegan skincare products can be affordable, healthy for the body and a compassionate choice for animal welfare and the planet. When putting together the best affordable vegan skincare it is important to stick to what is essential whilst being sustainable. Fortunately, sustainability is at the heart of many vegan skincare products. Here is a list of some vegan skincare brands that includes what I love and some I know are vegan but I haven’t used.

Common Questions/FAQ About Affordable Vegan Skincare

To wrap up this post about the best affordable vegan skincare, I wanted to cover a few common questions people ask when looking for quality skincare that is affordable, healthy and actually gives the results you desire. Nobody wants to waste money on products!

Is Simple Skincare Bad for Skin?

I have used various skincare products over the years due to my sensitive skin and reactions to fragrances and certain chemicals. For a few years, I only washed my hair with bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar, and washed my face with water and used organic natural plant oils to moisturise. Over time my hair started to look dull and lacked life, and my skin was ok but nothing worth noting. It definitely cut costs only by buying these products, however, it was frustrating as my hair and skin were starting to lose pizazz. But I needed to minimise chemicals, and being vegan I was struggling to find products that worked.

This is when I found Evolve Organic Beauty, Pai and Tropic Skincare. I love all these brands for being vegan, quality, price, ethics, and values. For personal results, my favourite is Tropic!!

What I have found over the years is this: keeping it simple for skin can work depending on the products you use.

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Are Vegan Products Better for Your Skin?

Yes! I am vegan and I will only promote vegan products. Vegan products are better for your skin because they are filled with plant ingredients that help to nourish the body. Not all, but many, vegan products generally contain better ingredients that will promote a healthy body. Non-vegan skincare products might have been tested on animals, and contain animal parts. This is NOT ok in my books – my personal and professional opinion.

I am not going to go into the science of why vegan products are better for the skin, as that’s not the point of this blog post. I am keeping it simple by stating that in my personal experience vegan products have been better on my skin.

What is the Best Basic Skincare Routine?

Depending on your budget I will give you two options for the best basic skincare routine.

Option 1: Use the Tropic ABC Skincare Collection.

Option 2: Use the Tropic Smoothing Cleanser and Skin Feast.

What is the Best Budget Moisturiser?

I have tried various organic plant oils and moisturisers of various budgets and my ultimate favourite moisturiser is from Tropic as it is affordable, vegan, has an amazing texture, has natural ingredients, is not heavy or greasy and leaves my skin feeling light and hydrated. This is my favourite moisturiser: Tropic Skin Feast.

Are Expensive Skincare Products Typically Better Than Cheaper Alternatives?

Not necessarily. It really depends on the ingredients, and no matter what the cost of the product it comes down to what is in the product. I have spent a lot of money on brands that did nothing for my skin, and spent much less and still done nothing for my skin. And then I have spent more on some brands and worked wonders, and spent less on other brands and worked wonders.

It all depends on the quality of the ingredients!

For help with budgeting and making money, check out these posts:

the best affordable vegan skincare

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The Last Thing You Need to Know About The Best Affordable Vegan Skincare

When it comes to affordable vegan skincare focus on what you can afford and what you want from the product and that will give you the brand and products that work for you. Stop complicating the process of skincare, and stick to what works for you rather than getting caught up in the latest trends.

If you really like this blog post and it was helpful for you please share it with your friends and family or leave a comment below. I really appreciate it and would love to hear from you!

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