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7 Tips to Stay Sane Working from Home with Kids

7 Tips to Stay Sane Working from Home with Kids

In this blog post, I dive into 7 tips to stay sane working from home with kids and share with you how you can do it too (without having to be perfect every day!!) If you’re struggling with the mum and work life balance: this post is for you!

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working from home with kids

What are the Biggest Challenges Working from Home with Kids?

To be brutally honest, it’s you. I know, scary to say it and admit it, but the honest truth is we get in our own way so often that it becomes difficult to stop doing it. The mindset is the most powerful tool to help you stay sane working from home with kids. When you have a strong mindset you will be able to be productive and enjoy the mix of work and motherhood.

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Why Does Working from Home with Kids Seem Difficult?

I know how challenging it can feel when working from home with a kid running around. I am a homeschooling mum and I run my blog from home. It has taken time to get a good flow that works, and there is still room to tweak, however, I am enjoying the schedule I have created to make it work.

I want you to know you can do this!! You can make it work to keep sane, be happy and have true inner peace working from home as a stay-at-home mum.

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7 Best Tips to Work from Home with Kids

Here are 7 tips to stay sane working from home with kids!

Simple Schedule

  • Essential as a stay-at-home mum working from home
  • Reduce stress
  • Be focused on your work

I love this smart planner! It’s simple, no-fuss, pretty and filled with motivating quotes. This is a fantastic planner to help you keep organised amongst the chaos of mum life and work life. Keep your thoughts in one place with this planner. 

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Flexible Schedule 

  • Create space in your schedule for fun and flexibility
  • Remember you have children and they have needs (all the time!!!)
  • Have focus with a simple schedule AND take the pressure off yourself to do it perfectly

Schedule Family time

  • Remember your why for working – is it for the family?
  • Ensure you add family time together even on working days
  • This will keep everyone happy

Get Rid of Distractions 

Use a Timer to Breakdown Chunks of Work

  • This is such a simple smart tool to help keep focus and get the work done
  • A super way to get chunks of work done around kids

Set Priorities

  • Using a simple schedule you can get rid of the “fluff” and focus on the priorities

If you’re looking for a simple daily planner to have at your office desk, then this daily planner is perfect! It will help to focus on the essential tasks for work.

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Rid Guilt

  • No matter what mums, get rid of the guilt!
  • This guilt you are carrying around on your shoulders is not helping you
  • You are doing your best with what you know

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The Last Thing You Need to Know about Working from Home with Kids

You’ve got this! No matter your situation, I want you to know you can do it and it’s all going to be ok. If things get super tough, slow down, hug your kids and love deeply.

I want you to succeed, and you can certainly do this as a stay-at-home mum working from home with kids.

Comment your favourite part of this post below. I would love to hear from you! Thank you for reading and for all your support.

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